What are Micro Markets?

A micro market is a self-checkout retail food establishment that replaces a bank of vending machines. In a micro market a customer picks up a product from an open rack display, a reach-in refrigerated cooler or freezer, then scans the UPC bar code or an RFID tag for each product at a payment kiosk. The customer pays with a single payment, be it cash, credit card or stored value card. Another unique feature of the micro market is that it operates without an employee present, just like vending machines. All micro markets are equipped with a 24 hour a day security system monitoring customers as they make their selections and checkout. Micro markets are designed to be in "closed locations." This refers to a business that has a moderately secured facility for a known group of employees where the micro market can be located in a designated area away from heavy public traffic.

The layout of a vending machine installation and a micro market are typically the same. A micro market can go into the exact same space that vending machines occupied and vice versa. In addition, all the vending and micro market equipment is portable and mobile. (source NAMA Technical Bulletin Micro Markets 4-13 v.4.0 )

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Gen 3c Kiosk

The Gen3c features an all-new modular design with top quality

This unit includes our dual-sided credit card reader, a newly
recessed fingerprint scanner, and our latest 3D barcode scanner
with the ability to scan coupons from mobile phones

All components are located at the bottom of the kiosk, making this
our most ADA compliant model to date. The Gen3c kiosk also
features an attachment with MEI bill validator and receipt printer.
The new front loading door with T-lock makes accessing these
components easier than ever, and at locations using our new
email receipts and Account Manager, you'll rarely need to service
them at all.


SmartHQ Software

Customer Service - View
customer transactions and edit
customer information.
Inventory - Run a pick list and view
inventory levels.
Manage Items - Adjust item and
inventory information.
Administration - Manage who
has access to the kiosks and
SmartHQ, and view machine health,
level logs, and alerts.
Transactions -View detailed
sales information and financial
User and Admin Portals include:
  • Credit Card Account Funding.
  • Privacy and Notification Settings.
  • Web-Based Registration.
  • Balance Reminders.
  • Tracking and Reporting.